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Need Wiring Diagram

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Hi, I am looking for a Wiring diagram for a Chinese Zei 70 cc quad. It is a 4 stroke with a Loncin engine, fully auto. It is electric start only with a CDI, rectifier, coil & stator I believe. Has a key switch & a kill switch. Also looking on valve specs & how to set the valves on it. Thànks
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I set my vavles at .003 or .004 both valves. There are vids on utube that show you how to set the valves on 110cc honda engines should be the same thing.

Try this one it may be the same. Its for a BuYang ATV 70 but may be similar.

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Thanks jaloos for your work in finding & posting this schematic. I think it will be quite helpful.
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