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Need your Expert Minds

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hey guys i have a bike i took out of a skip and i want to do a big
project now i have about £400 to spend i know some people will say
buy a new one but i love doing things from the ground up.
only idea i have is a Twin 50cc Engine but dont know how to set that
up. can anyone tell me a step by step on how to do this please ?. heres the beat up bike.

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Heres a thread I have going on the mods Ive done to my cags so you can see some of the ways Ive modded them......


A side by side 49cc would require a special spacer made and also a mount made for the second coil.............Theres engines all over utube,,pm some of the builders and see if theyll give up the poop on how they did it......

For one thing youre gonna have to widen the frame a bit to get them mounted in correctly and balanced...Good Luck
Here is a way if you widen and lengthen the frame alot.


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