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New 1st time owner....maybe

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I posted in the new owner section but not much activity over there. I am making this trade this weekend and would like to be educated as much as possible about the mini chopper (it is all foreign to me). if a value range could be given that would be great

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running mini choppers like that.. runn in my city from $500-800 dollars all day long..

Personally.. ur geeting a bad *** deal.. id trade ur neon light bar sign in a heart beat.. especially if u got it for $65 bucks..

I bought a mini chopper that doesnt even look as good as urs for $69 bucks.. mine is missing some stuff.. pull start is broken.. no headlights or fairings or seat..

even if u dont get the mini chopper running.u could easily sell it for $300-$450 all day long.. depending if motor is still good But you cant get it started * wiring issue *

Do the trade before someone else does it..!!
sweet thx for the input...the guy is a die hard colts fan and is really excited and nervous i am gonna back out lol. he textes me daily to make sure im comin this weekend. will get some pics up this weekend and go on vacation next week so i will have plenty of time to play and tinker with it. dude says it works and runs great just need a brake line for it. he has the brake line held together by tape he says lol
Any idea of the engine size??
Auto part Engine Vehicle Fuel line Automotive engine part

Vehicle Auto part Engine Fuel line Motorcycle

Genius drilled into the master cylinder....anyone know where i can get another one of these??
Auto part Fuel line Vehicle Brake Tire
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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