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New , but addicted

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Hey hows it going the name is Antonio , new to the pocket bike world so far I have an x1 x2 x19 and one unknown. Ive gotten all the pocket bikes within a month of riding my first one x2 .I have been reading the forums for a while and learn a lot so far .

But now I have a problem I recently purchased an x19 for 130$(I think I paid to much) and I have not been able to get it running. I have a 12v 12 ah battery hooked up to it. I cleaned the gas tank,lines and carburetor and still no go. The engine turns over when I hit the start button , I get a spark, and can get it going a bit with starter fluid but I still can't get it going on it's own.

From what I can tell the previous owner tried to fix it by cleaning the carb but didn't put it back together correctly and is missing a couple pieces .

If any x19 owner can take pictures of the carb set up I would really appreciate it so I can see if indeed I am missing pieces .. So far I'm missing an air filter and I think a spacer but don't know as I haven't been able to find a good picture of it.

Thanks in advance
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So this is a x19? $130 is a good deal even if it isnt running. Well if your carb isnt put together correctly there could be a fuel flow problem, meaning either the cylinder is flooding with too much gas or your carb is sealed up and doesnt let the gas get to your cylinder. If the carb is put together incorrectly try putting it together right, before buying a carb rebuild set or a new carb, it is also possible that your floater is off. Or have u tried adjusting the idle screw yet? Try everything i listed above. If it still doesnt work, and u want to buy a carb rebukld kit or just a new carb go to www.pocketbikeparts.com or if u want to put it together correctly look up a diagram on google. The carb SHOULD be the problem, if the pocket bike is getting spark, nothings clogged or anything. The last option after cleani.g the carb is take a look at the wires tht are hooked up to ur key because if they are bad ur bike wont start unless the key is turned on and just kinda giving ur bike the signal to start hope this helps
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Tried what you said earlier themrsuzuki101, my guess is fuel is not getting to the cylinder. I just cant seem to find a good picture of the carb setup with lines intake ect.. the whole works..Thanks to that link I know I'm missing the carburetor insulator still don't know what side it goes on, I tested the floater by flipping the carb upside down and right side up while blowing air in the gas line to see if it opens and closes.

Thanks for the help and the welcome.
Welcome to the forums either way we all end up replacing are carb or want to replace are carb with a 22mm anyways so why not do it now lol
Make sure you are getting spark so we can rule that out and spray some either or starting fluid into the intake and see if it fires up or even just a little gas and if not it is time to do a compression test to it
I get a spark, and it starts with stater fluid but I can't seem to get it to stay on , I don't think I have the carb set up correctly.I have the gas line connected on the top but that leaves two dimples with nothing connected to them and I don't have an air filter. Do I need one to start it up?
Are your fuel lines hooked up correctly? Or could they have cracks in the cause an air leak and not letting fuel get to the carb easily? Where do you have the idle screw set at?
I'm buying new fuel lines tomorrow, any special kind I need? And I haven't messed with the idle screw at all. How can I set it? It looks like it's in to much.
All the way in then 2-2-1/2 out for base settings I believe try to get some good clear lines so that way you van see the fuel and know if there is a tank or filter problem in the future
The stock PZ-19mm carb is a bit problematic....Doing the float restrictor mod ,,making sure the whole carb is totally clean,,upgrading the fuellines and fuelfilter to 1/4" then drilling the fueltank outout to 1/4" and setting the float right will make it run alot better and smoother........
I'm buying new fuel lines tomorrow, any special kind I need? And I haven't messed with the idle screw at all. How can I set it? It looks like it's in to much.

Its very possible tht ur cyli.der or piston could be fried. Take you engine off and look in the cylinder, and look at the piston. Its normal to see a little bit of black on the top of ur piston, but if u see scoring (scratches on yout cylinder wall) or any scratches or cracks on either your piston or ur cylinder, if either one has severe scratches or cracks ur motor is probibly seized up, if its seized up buy a 110cc x18 rebuilt kit from the website i gave u. But another thing to try while u look at ur piston and cylinder, push ur piston down with ur finger if you can push it down without it kinda scratching on the cylinder walls or subbing real hard ur good to go. So basiclly if the piston is easy to push down and bring back up ur good to go. If its hard to push down and up u will need a 110 cc engine rebuild kit hope this helps get bqck to me if u still have problems!
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Oh before u take apart ur cylinder, take out ur spark plug, pour a couple drops of gas in ur cylinder and if ur engine isnt seized up and if u are getting spark like u said it will fire up, but if it doesnt stay running, its because of your carbourator not giving it more gas. So if it fires up and doesnt stay running try it a couple more times and after tht if it still doesnt work just buy a new carb from pocketbikeparts.com then ur bike should run fine
On the PZ19mm carb, Junk. My bet is the brass pilot jet, next to the main jet. Won't run if it's clogged, it's hole is .016" , even spit will clog it. If you put gas in the hole and it starts, that's your problem. I have two 110cc and a 125cc, they do that all the time. The Crap additives in the gas and when you let sit will gum up everything,lol.
PS, you need that black isolater w/ O ring between the carb and manifold, ther online for $10 or less.
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