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New Cag Carb Question

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I put a new carb on the cag and it starts first pull but runs away.

I have the slot in the right place and can't get contol over the idle it runs wild.

I am thinking the c-clip on the needle valve is in the wrong position. It came set up on the deepest setting.

What slot should it be in asumimng the "top" is the end opposite the point?

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Gotta make sure your slide went all the way down when reinstalling.. It can get stuck on the needle and stay open when you screw the top on.. Look in it with the filter off and see if the slide is closed when the trottle is closed.. Maybe the cable is too tight if thats correct and closing but sounds like somethings holding open that slide..

Top Needle clip position is putting the needle down more and leaning out a bit.. Clip on the bottom pulls needle up and lets more gas flow.. Think that’s right anyway... lol good luck!
You may want to turn your slide around sounds like its in backwards. If that's good check for a air leak around the reed and carb area's.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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