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After my Cag threw me like a rag doll when the pipe hit (yeah sure!) out of a corner. I waited 3 weeks for a new frame, while the guy who sold me the bike, who said that he'll sell one to me jerked my chain and sent me 2 frames that had broken in exactly the same place on the engine mounts. I thought F*** it! I was in 2 minds as to whether to buy a new bike, or fix my original frame. I said screw it, I'm gonna get a B1 Cag in a few months, so I decided to fix my original frame.

The mounting platform that the engine sits on is still not level, but it's not out of alignment so it won't cause any probs (it means that the engine sits back a little that's all). Funnily enough, I made the new mount out of a fairing mount from one of the many frames that I now have. It is strong as hell and I doubt that anything is gonna break it now.

I have still got to clean up the frame and remove the welds from the old mount. But only when I'm sure that the running gear is functioning smoothly.

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