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New carburetor?....

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http://www.partsforscooters.com/114-21_Mikuni_PZ22_performance_carburetor?sc=9&category=123994........ is this the right carburetor for the x15 and iff it is will I need a bigger velocity stack??
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it will work and a little bigger manifold would be good not a velocity stack, those are for two strokes
Is there any on that website that have the same style choke I kinda thaught the choke on the bike was cool.....plus I live in washington
Very cold weather .... need the choke accessible
Can't beat that price though
i would not skimp on the carb, you do get what you pay for in this area, but i understand if its too much as long as you understand it wont be as good
i never really needed the choke, its only hard to start when it sits
as long as you understand it wont be as good
Why is that? I have the 22mm mikuni copy from PCC, as well as a real 20mm mikuni off of a ktm 50. They have both performed as expected, without any problems to speak of. I can understand wanting a certain kind of choke, but paying twice the price just for that is kinda silly if you ask me...
If it's a real Mikuni it will say made in Japan, I have a 26mm in a box, might put it on my 125cc ATV.
The problem I have with the copies is that when you need parts or jets it can sometimes b a pia to find where as my mikunis I can go to any of my local dirt bike atv or motorcycle shop and 90% of the time they have the parts and jets in stock as with the knock offs u don't know where to get the parts from imo if your gonna get a quality part for your bike if it's only one id say the carb
just saying that the knock offs arent as quality made as the real ones, you could get good performance out of one agreed but you could also get cast errors or ive seen complete missing jets or parts, vent holes that wernt fully drilled
so since the running of your engine is so greatly dependant on the carb, i dont mind at all getting a good one reguardless of the price (dang it aint that much) and have the piece of mind that i have a quality proven part there
but thats just me
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