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New engine or renovation?

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Hello everyone, my mini bike not works :( the reason is bad ignition coil and pull starter, new engine on eBay is 80$. New performance is 50$ ~. What need I to do? New engine or new performance? Can I fix the ignition coil? Thank you, mos
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Or a new China made pocket bike.. 100 Bucks.. lol

New engine means you will have spare parts next time breaks down... HP parts are more fun!! Decisions decisions....

Have fun!
Id get the new engine that comes complete and ready to run,,,break it in gently,,pull it apart and mod it with a 3rd port,,5 windowed piston,,performance porting,,polishing in key areas,,lightening the flywheel,,adding a rocket key and modding/lightening the clutch,,modding the reedstops,reedplate,,adding a composite set of reeds,,adding a pumper carb retrofit kit with hp airfilter and velocity stack...The stock cylinder has potential to belt out atleast 3 times the stock power with a simple dremel and some time / labor........The $79.00 engine from BigmotorSport offers an all aluminum pullstarter and velocity stack w/hp airfilter on carb aswell as free shipping.......

Even if you bought the hp cylinder kit youd still need a pullstarter and a coil leaving the old lowerend condition a mystery..........Good Luck
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That's great advice, replacing a bunch of little parts costs big money. Find a whole package. My minimum new engine would want a FC crank and a 2 pc alloy head. For a few bucks more you can get a 3rd stage head eng w/ FC crank.


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