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new from nevada! (i need help..

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...which is why i signed up here.)

Hey guys!
New from Elko, NV here. :)

I need some help identifying my bike because i ordered parts off pocketbikeparts.com The pictures i will link, you will be able to see the new exhaust, along with the air filter and the hose adapter for the air filter. ( i apparently ordered an exhaust for a different model though it said cag for ordering) i must not have done enough research regarding this model because it does not fit at all; theres a part of the frame under the seat area just below the seat area that goes across from each side, the stock exhaust is close to resting on it.
the sticker on the motor says MTA-2 so thats kinda what i went off of a bit as far as starting my research.
and before my exhaust broke off i used to be able to be going approx 25-30 mph along with cars.

but enough of my babbling on...
(sry if i shouldnt be posting this here)



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btw if youre wondering, there is pvc on it as temp pegs.. lol, some guy was unloading this at the dump and i had to pick it up for a new hobby. :D (free bike =])
Haha welcome from a fellow newb! Cant help identify yours, but looks like fun nonthetheless!!!
it's an MTA-2 (MX3) Pocket bike, and that is a cag motor. performance pipes almost always require some work to fit, my ADA racing pipe on my blata was a nightmare, now I'm trying to fit a Jet Pro pipe in a Z-Star mini quad, anothe real headache....if you have a pic of your new pipe it would help, and show where it doesent fit..

There is alot you can learn in the air cooled section as far as tuning goes, and I suggest you take your carb apart and clean it... If you have a dremmel, there is alot you can do to get a smoother running engine such as porting the head/carb and polishing all the inner works.
Nice find... Did you spin the engine? Slap it together, get some gas to it and try to start it already... ;)
I’d give the carb a good cleaning, get a gasket kit and go deep… The engines already out. I’m assuming it was in the trash for a reason but you never know..

Good luck and welcome to the site!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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