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New guy, coincidentally matching helmet.

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So my dad brings this home from a yard sale…

This leads to me digging out the Freddie Spencer replica helmet I had back in the day.
The bike is a water cooled blata replica, ?

Bad clutch, loose everything, dremeled to death Carb, but runs well enough to catch my interest, and has already broken my record 2 hours with a running two stroke.

So I m here to pick some brains on what to do with this thing.
Btw, Dad is almost 80 , maybe he watched world's fastest Indian too many times.
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Nice intro,,,Nice score and pretty cool dad to snag you up a hobby............:thumbsup:...good luck with it and theres plenty of info here at PBP on how to soup it up.............
Welcome aboard, Looks like you have a Chinese B1 or C1 water cooled Blata Orgami copy bike. I have a C1 50cc big bore engine, ( 46cc ) and the standard is 39cc. Looks like its been sitting awhile. Does it have a spark? Its a 2 stroke need to add oil to the gas 40:1 or so. you can get Dupont Viton O rings for the head cause the China ones blow out and you engine fills up with water. If it where me, I would take the carb and manifold off the engine pull the 4 reed block out and you can see the crankshaft and bearings. If its all rusty inside could have been water there. I blew mine before. This is what the bike looks like in full trim.


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Well, It ran fairly well, but the clutch coughed it s last gasp, and my investigation of the small cracks in the Carb adapter boot, turned into a broken Carb boot, and the discovery of some violent grinding at the Carb throat. It looks like someone stuck the dremel in the Carb, and went for a nap, combined they explain why it wouldn't run at part throttle with the choke off.
Plans now are to source a new clutch from petrol scooter, and maybe a dellorto copy,
or, fit up the tiny kehin I had in my bike junk bucket.
I need to make a list of the bolt sizes and bearing numbers, and all the little stuff that's missing, for better bearings, and stainless bolts. Then once the running is sorted, strip it down, sand blast the frame, redo some of the terrible welds, re paint it and hoon like a kid again.
Are there any places still stocking big bore kits, I can t seem to find one anywhere?
And another odd question, if anyone know the bearing numbers for the crank bearings?
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You need to check out Tsunamibike in Canada. You can get a C1 rubber manifold in 14 or 19mm for a 19mm Dell PHBG copy carb for around $20, or a Kit w/ a 19mm copy carb w/ manifold, hp aircleaner and new throttle cable for around $60 online. HKMotos in Hong Kong use to have them, but its been 2 yrs, so..... Need a jet kit if you do. Prices vary alot, so ask around here and keep you eyes open people post good deals on stuff like that. It won't run right with a crack in the manifold, there should be steel inside the rubber. The stock 14/14mm Dell SHA copy carb, is not my favorite carb by far, you can only change the main jet, no other adjustments. Try to find out if the manifold is leaking air that will usually make it idle real fast, out of control.
The clutches on these things are not real great. I just got a new one online for $19.99 free shipping. I blew the whole pad off one shoe.
When you get it running right, these thing love to wheelie when you grab the throttle.
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I think I have my paint scheme,
and my 18mm keihin from the bucket is running as a bubble gum mock up,
Turns out the Carb is from an Xr or XL80 Honda, seems well matched, no telling until the clutch gets here, but it sound as evil as my ported 038 stihl chainsaw.

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Short clip of first warm start with mock up intake.
Need better glue, lol.
Fast Freddie and King Kenny, those were the days!!
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