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new guy here

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whats goin on guys im over here in japan, and im attempting to legalize my x18 pocket bike for street use. Kind of a long road but im getting there, by chance would anyone know how to wire up the high/low beam switch, i have lucky 7 plastics and lights
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Welcome! That might be a fun mission... Lucky 7 Plastics and lights? I dont think Lucky 7 had lights. They are a smaller race type bikes with no electronics.. Maybe your thinking X7 Plastics? Either way you will have to look up what your city requires for registration. Its alot here! I wish you luck!

yah its x7 thats my bad its actually quite easy to register bikes over here in okinawa all it needs is working lights, cluster and horn lol. my confusion is how to do a high beam low beam setting and im also doing a 140cc conversion but i still need all the electronics, but i will be running a trail tech vapor.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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