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new guy r32 interceptor need help

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hi guys i just got an 07 r32 interceptor from my brother was told that he ran it twice back in 07 and it never ran again. when i push the button it does nothing. i was told that the starter relay was changed. i really dont know where to start also its 110cc.. thanks
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Remove the carb,,totally disassemble it,,totally clean it out,,do the float restrictor mod,,replace the fuellines and fuel filter to 1/4",,drill the fueltank output to 1/4",,wash out the fueltank,,replace the sparkplug to NGK C7HSA and kickstart it......after getting it running then you need to worry about the e-starter which will most likely only need a new battery....To e-start the bike you need to pull the clutch in to disable the starter interlock...to kickstart you dont need to pull the clutch...just turn on the key and kick.............Good Luck
i dont think it has a kick start and battery is new and fully charged also it is an automatic no clutch
anything else i can look at cause the battery is fully charged and still nothing happens when i put the button
anything else i can look at cause the battery is fully charged and still nothing happens when i put the button
do a continuity test on the starter pushbutton to make sure its good,,,make sure the safety interlock wires are connected to the clutch and make sure your grounds are good................
You might have to pull the clutch in or hold the front brake lever in to connect the starter system. It a safety thing. My 125cc ATV is an auto too, it has is good and bad points. You have a China made Honda 110cc clone. I have 2 110cc also. Put a teaspoon of gas down the plug and then try to start it. If it pops take the bowl off and or the carb off. Take the 2 brass jets out. Main and Pilot jet off clean them good, I use cleaner and a broken electric guitar string which I have plenty,lol. The pilot jet is the long one, it's hole is about .016" and it clogs real easy, if it has sat for awhile it's even worse. Will not run if it's clog. It's a PZ19mm, might look for a $25 22mm carb perfect for that engine. Welcome aboard, isn't this fun,lol. MPR sells the that bike. Online, minipocketrockets, I have 3 bikes from them and 10 total, it's like a full time job,lol.
Thats where he got the bike from MPR and i called them asking for some type of manual and he just hung up on me. Its been sitting since 2007. I Did notice that the air intake is broken and also a hose that connects to the engine under the seat i dont where what goes where. Also their are two wires by the push start button one black and the other green/yellow. I dont know if they are in the right spot. I never worked on bikes before and just so clueless.
There are no manuals, just an owners book, on how to do minor adj like valve rocker clearance, etc. Here is an X18 full wiring dia., this should help. Just trace down one wire at a time, see where it starts and whwere it ends. The grounds on the diagram some wires are tied together, and not they way they are shown on the dia.


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