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New here, from sunrise fl

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Hello guys, im Richie from sunrise Florida. the best way to describe me is a basic gear head.

Anyways, I recently picked up an x7 in decent condition I guess you could say. If the starter and or the pull start actually worked, the bike would just need a couple performance parts and some degreaser. Anyways, once on the bike actually runs decently well.

Not really sure where to post yet, but.I've already ordered a 603 carb with a vstack among a couple other things and would kinda like to start a build thread.

I'll figure that out, just wanted to drop in and some what introduce myself
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Welcome to Pocket Bike Planet Richie... I'm sure you will find alot of helpful info around these forums.

As far as upgrades for your x7, CAM2 and Drgnprelude are the guys to talk to if you want to get a list of things to mod/buy in order to upgrade.

You're going to need a new intake manifold and air filter for that Walbro WT603 pumper carb. Also might need a slight choke lever mod for it to fit properly, but I'm sure you will manage.

If you have any questions, please, dont be shy!


Thank you, and if im not mistaken, it was a kit including everything with gaskets for all.

My starter is shot, but would that cause the now completely broken pull starter housing to not move when against the cawl? Had to use a drill to turn the engine over. I want to either strip it out, which lessens the drag on the engine, or replace it totally.

My question , how much will I gain for gutting the starter housing?

Thanks for the help
I have the plastic intake manifold, are you suggesting that i upgrade to the metal? The kit comes with the adapter, which im assuming bolts to the plastic manifold. I will have to wait and see when it gets here.
Usually those pumpers require a whole new manifold, which is not always included in the carb kit. I strongly recommend a billet alluminum manifold..

You wont gain anything from removing the starter housing... lightening the flywheel maybe.... just get a new pullstart.
Mind linking to a billet alum manifold if you would be so kind. I found it once but I.can't seen to repeat that luck
cant seem to find it... check pocketbikeparts.com

sdscooters.com might have too.
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