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New Here Got a question about a charger

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I have a Mini Moto Honda 18v bike I got for free
the battery was dead and it had no charger
I went over all the wiring and bypassed the key ignition

I bought 3 brand new 6v batteries and wired them in series then wired them to the factory battery plug and the bike ran great for over an hour while the kids rode it

I also bought a new charger from here

when I plug the charger in the on the outlet light on the charger lites up green
but when I plug the charger into the bike the light remains green also

there are two bulbs on the charger Im guessing the other one is red

so what would be the problem with this ?
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nevermind I just fixed it
I didnt realize that the terminal on the charger was opposite what it was on the bike
so I cut the wires on the charger and swapped them to opposite sides plugged it in and the green light went to red and the bike is now charging
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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