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New here, like the site...very cool. thx

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Howdy to all, just got my first pocket bike, a used cateye, cant wait to mod. I also ride a 1966 H.D. shovelhead chopp, a 1980 Columbia Commuter moped being restored by me and a 100cc flywing dirt bike thats going to be a parts bike for a mini chopper built off an old rusty honda monkey bike frame I was given. Im also building a new H.D. frankenbike, frame is half 2010 dyna, half 1977 FL shovelhead with a 103 cubic inch twin cam motor, should put down about 120-130 hp. I love bikes of all kinds, never met a bike I didnt want to ride, ha ha. too many years in the seat to mention and dont like looking like the old guy that never grew up even if it's true. thx to all here for having such a great site. truly Deaddog.
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Nice!!! Project time!!! lol Sounds like you got your hands full.. Welcome to the site and happy modding!!!
Welcome to the pocketbike world! I've said it before and I'll say it again, Cateyes are the Perfect first bike.
Thanks for the welcome! Pocket-Mechanic, my used cateye has the same paint job as your's, I'm thinking red or yellow for the rebuild thought. By the way do you know if wiring diagrams are around for cateyes? Mines a mess wiring wise! I'd like to keep it stock, well at least for the wiring. that engine is going to get some work like better air filter, exh, port work on the head, may be shave the head for higher comp ratio. Can you suggest other mods for better hp and torque ? once again thank you for the welcome and any advice you can give.
Welcome aboard, sounds like you are going to be busy.
This might help you out.


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Hey perfect, thank you very much! Deaddog.
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