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New here

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I am new to this forum . . . I recently purchased a 49cc 2004 Pagsta . . . I am an older returning student that works two jobs to help pay for this excursion . . . the bike has been a life saver with its 60 mpg . . . however the guy I bought it from lied to me! said the bike had never been laid down and that the ruattle in it was 'normal' well I found out differently on both accounts! Right now I have a bike that will start but will not move . . . could surely use some advice . . i have no choice but to fix it myself just can not afford the repair costs . . . i believe the problem is in the drive train . . . Help Please!:(
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dont worry hippyspirit just describe your problem in detail .or if possible thn please post some photos of your bike or faulty parts so senior guys can surely help you. don't be sad
Sounds like an exploded clutchpack or countershaft gear
Ok . . . is there a way to tell which one is the problem? I sure do appreciate the help!
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