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OK, breaking down and asking some questions. My son inherited a PR200 (inop) and I bought him a 47?cc 2 stroke bike from a garage sale this summer. I got the 2 stroke running, but he is killing me to get the PR200 going. I want to eventually mod it up to 36V, but figure I should get it working as intended first. New batteries won't charge with charger (verified charger is good on Razor quad) so I externally charged new batteries, but when I put them in the bike still doesn't run. When I jumper the batteries directly to the motor it will go so motor is good. When I check the output of the switch (on) and breaker I only see 7.4VDC. Power removed reads dead short from switch input (on) to breaker output (as expected) and dead open with switch off (again as expected). The only other component seems to be the controller box (it has a 4 wire throttle). Before I sink the money into a new controller I have a couple of questions:
1. Is this my likely culprit or am I missing something?
2. Should I just order a direct replacement or is there a better model?

24V controller wouldn't go to waste as I have a power wheels eliminator project waiting in the wings once I get the PR200 going again.

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