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Hello All,
I hope I'm posting in the right area. My name is Matt Myers and I am the Director of Events (motorcycle division) at the Stockton Motor Plex Park (i.e., Stockton kart track)
I'm also an avid motorcyclist and have been for many years. My job at the track is to develop and oversee new ways of showcasing our track and to bring motorcycle riders an opportunity to experience motorcycle riding and racing, among other things. The track owner and myself are developing a mini road race series scheduled to start in early spring 2004. I know many of you have been to the track and experienced it first hand and for this reason we would like to afford you a place to come and race on a monthly basis. Details of club membership are being hashed out right now as is the proposed class structure. We have already earmarked 7 race dates starting in March 2004. I would love to hear some feed back from riders and racers who would be willing to support and join this new club. Please feel free to call me with questions or comments or you can post them here and I will do my best to respond asap. As you may or may not know, starting a new organization takes time and effort and we can't do it without the riders input.

Thank you for your input
Sincerely, Matt Myers
(209) 914-3697

Below is the proposed class structure...

Stockton Mini Road Racing Club (SMRRC)

Basic Class Structure

Note: These are very general rules at this time, more specific specs will follow shortly

(12" wheel classes) YSR, NSR, Metrakit...
(1) Stock YSR- No mods allowed
(2) Modified- any chassis mod, 12"wheel, tire, pipe, carb, must remain air cooled 50cc (porting ok)
(3) Super Modified- Same as above with max cc of 59 for air cooled and 50 for water cooled (Stock Honda NSR50)
(4) Unlimited- All12" wheel chassis bikes ,i.e. YSR with 80cc, Modified NSR 50 or 80cc, METRA KIT 72cc

(5) Pocketbike Production-3 port head, 14mm carb, water or air cooled, any production pipe,tire
or wheel.

GP Classes...
(6) 80GP Junior (ages 10-13)-2 Stroke,100cc max, any wheel or chassis
(i.e. RS, TZ CR, RM, KX, YZ, Metrakit OK)
(7) 80GP Expert-(ages 14-up)-2 Stroke,100cc max, any wheel or chassis as above

Big Wheel
(8) Modified Production-2 Stroke Derbi, Aprillia, 50cc max, any pipe and carb ok, no internal engine mods
must run stock wheels (16" or 17"), after market bodywork ok. (Honda NS50 with same mods OK)
(9) Unlimited Production-2 Stroke Derbi, Aprillia, 80cc max, any pipe, carb or internal engine mods ok
any wheel (16" or 17") or after market bodywork

4 Stroke Classes...
(10) Junior Stars-(ages 5-9)-Honda XR 50cc, any tire (no knobbies) must remain 50cc,after market pipe ok
road race body work ok and preffered (example...breakin spokes road race conversion kit)
Yamaha PW50 and Suzuki JR50 ok
(11) Unlimited XR50- (ages 10-up) Honda XR50 based bike, engine max 110cc, any chassis, tire , brake mod.
(12) Stock Thunder- 4 stroke dirt based bike up to 125cc (i.e. XR, DRZ, TTR, KLX) no mods allowed other than
tires and controls (bars, levers, grips etc.) must run stock pipe and airbox.
(13) Unlimited Thunder- Modified 4 strokes up to 159cc, any wheel, tire, brake or chassis.
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