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New owner

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Hi guys my name is Erin I recently got my hands on a gas powered mini bike for free. I do not the make or model. The only thing on the bike is the name mini chubz on the farrin. The wiring is trashed I did however manage to break the bike down to the frame and managed to get the kill switch to work. It make no power pulling me up the driveway. Basically if like to know what kind of bike this may be. Pics to follow.
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welcome!!!! pics would definitely help us identify your bike, although i am sure someone will know...LOL
I posted multiple pics in my profile. Any help would be appreciated. Maybe some could direct me to a wiring diagram for it. Would love to make this thing nice and run strong.
welcome! cant see pics till you get a total of 10 posts on the forums.... check your compression with compression gauge... if it's under 110, you either have bad reads, fried piston rings or whole head kit all together... none of which are a very expensive fix... clean the carb thoroughly make sure you are getting enough fuel and air to the engine.

Read up on all the tutorials and posts of pertinence to your lbike model and style of engine.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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