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New pocket bike rider

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Hi all i just bought me an x-18 i think lol. glad to be on here hope i can help with my small engine experience.if you could please tell me what bike i do i have i want to put new fairing set on it thanks.mike how do you post pics i dont have a manage attachments on thread?
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anyways its a 110cc it looks like its been through the mill. i want to bring her back.the motor runs great.
welcome, ive been working on mine lately a good conversion is the x7 fairing kit. looks awsome there are a couple guys on here who have done so. also if its used check all the bolts to make sure there secure.
Post up pics to get an ID and whatever questions regarding upgrades we'll more than be happy to help with................Good luck and Welcome to PBP
At 10 or 15 posts I believe. Welcome aboard.
Tyvm .I need some fairings but I'm not sure what bike I have lol.
I get to post pics wooohoo lol .hmm it won't do mobile. I'll post after work
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