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Okay so i recently bought this pocket bike, i paid a guy on craigslist 144 for it a random number i know, but i need a few opinions and some information about it.

Heres what i know:

It is a 2- stroke

Has turning signals (dont work)

HAD brake lights

has electrical start

He upgraded the exhaust to dual

is duel chain drive

when i got it heres the condition of it:

It didn't run, the engine was'nt mounted in it was zip-tied, and the engine bolts had been sawed off both of the brake handles were cracked and falling off, the plastics were cracked and not connected on the under body, the chain would fall of almost every time, the speedometer didnt work,

I put some gas in it and cleaned the carb out mounted the engine, and ran it ,. then i took it for a test drive and it went about 50 on a decent strech but it was still accelerating when the chain fell off and the engine started to rattle. now when i run it it only goes 25 but i fixed all the little problems, every thing is good accept the speed?

i painted it black today and cleaned the entire thing out, will take it to my brother to have flames airbrushed on this weekend. does anyone know what model this is? or how much it would cost new and what it might be worth now?

This isn't my first pocket bike but its by far my favorite.


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Cateye, 49cc. I seriously doubt you were doing 50, unless it was k/ph. New, the bikes are about $300 or so (don't quote me on that, been a while since i last looked).
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