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Hi there everyone, I am new to pocket bikes so I am only learning.
But thankfully, there doesn't seem to be a lot to these little Pocket rockets so it shouldn't take long to get a handle on them.
I am a very mechanically minded person so in the future hopefully I can help you guys as well.
I have two 49cc bikes (both Chinese) one is a No-name brand & my favorite is an almost perfectly made little orange SportMoto job.
The No-Name ebay bike arrived bent & twisted straight out of the box, Not damaged in transit, it was made that way and it took quite a few hours to re-weld & get it straight & even then I had to make a thick hollow rear sprocket spacer & move the motor 15mm outward before the chain could be perfectly aligned.
I am an Aussie and I hope to chat with you all soon.
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