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New rider in pgh

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Hi, just got an 09 manual x18 for dirt cheap, mint condition...where do i start for mods ? id like to go the blouch turbo route...
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If your asking what mods to do I don't think your ready for a turbo kids wishfull thinking lot of work and lot of fab work but it can be done
If you know how to set up a turbo motor
Mods reg mod list is
22mm carb
Bigger fuel lines
Upgraded cdi
Super coil
Ngk plug
Drill out motor and mounts to 3/8 and use grd8 bolts nuts lockwasher and loctite
Gusset frame in its weak points
28t rear sprocket
Better tires
Real working Speedo
Real rear shock
Mod front forks
If you do the turbo setup we would all like to see that done and a vid as well
And there are a couple fuel Injected setups out there too as well you could try
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Buy a 140 or 150cc engine for $400 bucks ready to roll. These engines are to small for a Turbo, just looking for major headaches.
True dat but if I had one laying around I'd still try it lol
definitly not new to turbo setups, im running 26psi in my STI with a roated 35r setup ... this mini bike is just something to **** around with while im waiting between heats at the track :) if it breaks it breaks... i got it for $400 and it was pretty much never ridden before.... had like 5miles on it if even that much.
actually... i have a 150cc dirtbike crate engine sitting in the garage.. i got it to build a go cart and never got around to doing it... brand new, never even used.. i didnt think of just putting that in there..hmmm
Might as well I got a 150 waiting for me to have the time to put it back in lol mostly I choose ride over it being down for s few days cuz something always comes up
y would i downgrade to a 50cc... 110 is already in.. if anything id throw in the 150
There's a company out there in Japan that does supercharged 110 monkey bikes tho
y would i downgrade to a 50cc... 110 is already in.. if anything id throw in the 150
Uh no......I was just showing that even a 50cc can be affective if turboed or supercharged and setup properly.

I'm willing to bet it would slaughter a 110cc though.lol
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