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Hey all,

Picked these up and got them running as a surprise for my kids. They did SO well in school this year that I decided to get them something a bit fancier now that they've developed a taste for these things on the X6.

I bought bikes 1 and 2 together as a package deal. Neither ran, but I already knew where bike 3 was (and just had to drive 250 miles round trip to get it), so I just planned on cannablizing bike 2 to get it running. Well, plans changed...

Initially I did part bike 2 into bikes 1 and 3, but the carb's on both 1 and 2 are shot, and despite cleaning them I don't know if I should just junk em for new ones, or if I should attempt to rebuild them. If anyone knows these PZ-20 knock-off's please talk to me. All of these are HuaYang carbs, and except for bike 3 they run like crap (what are the settings/any tuning tricks?).

Also- I cannot find any tech info or parts for these. I've googled them, and it seems other bikes similar to the X6 share the same name. I need various parts to get these all running:

2 Fuel tanks
3 fuel caps
2 carbs (or 3 carb kits) unless anyone knows a better way...
Brake pads
A seat pad for bike 2
replacement plastics (not urgent, but I'll scoop up anything I can get)
1 ignition switch w/key(s)
And whatever else anyone has to part with....

I've decided to get all 3 of these up & running so that there is always an extra bike in case 1 goes down.

BTW- Whoever decided on the stock battery location on these was an A$$!
Anyway, pics to Follow:

New Bikes:

Bike 1:

Bike 2:


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WOW! nice score, I like the full size Kawasaki's too :p

A good cleaning / rebuild with new internals might be cheaper, but if labor has a high $$ value for you new carbs could be the way to go, I'm poor so I try to rebuild it first, but sometimes there is a small crack or hidden air leak, and being replica carbs, they don't cost too much.

If they are all the 4-strokes they are going to be (I think) Honda 50cc / 110cc clones, so pretty much most of the parts can be swapped...

I'm no expert with the 4-stroke Super-Bikes but we have more than a few members that should be able to help more than I can!

Good luck! and thanks for the post.


I've got that same exact battery charger, I use it for the pocketbikes and Yellow-Top Optima AGM's too!

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Yep- They're all 4 strokers. 50cc from what the I.D. thread says, but I have no idea what make or model number they are. I'm very good at working on computerized injection systems, abs, srs, and the like, but these cheapie carbs are pi$$ing me off.

Does anyone know the baseline adjustment for these things? And does anyone here have the same bikes?
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