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New to PBs.. Need ID help please

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Hello everyone, I just traded one of my Xbox360s (about $50) for this pocket bike for my 6 and 8 year old. Hopefully it will get them out of my house and off the TV but its currently not running and i dont know what bike it is.. When i got it the guy said it just needed a pull-starter so i bought a new one.. then when i was installing it i noticed a problem with the carb.. so i ordered a new one from ebay a few minutes ago.. Can anyone tell me what type of bike this is so i can get more parts.. I dont think my wife is gonna let my kids ride it if it doesnt look safe(You know how they are marcelo)


i have the plastic shell that the seat is supposed to be on but it looks pretty damaged..

Thanks for any help that any of you may offer..
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Welcome to the forum....Thats a MT-A1 half fairing cagllari daytona...the head tells me its only a 40mm piston 43cc engine..Parts can be found on ebay under 39cc/47cc pocketbike parts
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