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Whats up , My name is Macho from Massachusettes. For the past couple of years I have had 3 CAG Bikes. to my suprize a neighbor down the street from me Gave me a fs509 X1 Cat eye , well lets just say it was very nice on the outside but was a mess in the electrical department. I got all the wiring back to the way it was supposed to be bought a new battery and charger and had to repair some wires in the starter so it would work , Just started it for the first time in 5 years and it worked fine all day , I did run into a problem though, after recharging the battery I went to start it again and the starter is now turning clockwise ,not counterclockwise like I think it's supposed to.I think I have a reversed polarity situation but am now puzzled.:confused:
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You have a 49cc piston port engine I believe, if your pull / electric start is on the left side of the bike, and chain on the right the engine turns backwards and the 5 to 1 reverse transmission hooks to the rear gear by chain or thru a jackshaft on some bikes. The starter motor is also the generator that charges the battery w/ the engine running.
It's a fs509 Cat eye so it doesn't have reverse,maybe I just never payed attention to the engines rotation, the carb is on the front and the exaust on the back, so facing the starter ,it is supposed to turn clockwise ?
Yep, it's just like my scooter. I have to face the rear of the bike on the left side and pull the rope to me, which means the engine is turning clockwise or if you put a chain from the engine direct to the rear wheel on the right hand side, the bike would go backwards. What does your trans look like, is it fat & stubby, or twice as long as it is high??


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It's a fs509 Cat eye so it doesn't have reverse,maybe I just never payed attention to the engines rotation, the carb is on the front and the exaust on the back, so facing the starter ,it is supposed to turn clockwise ?
Please note the arrow on the flywheel..................the engine turns counterclockwise at the transmission when mounted......Cayetyes use the same transmissions as the harleybikes except mounted straight up.........

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Thanks EPR and CAM2 for the pics, the engine in Question looks like the one on the left EPR, and thanks for the pic of the flywheel showing the rotation CAM2. But after tinkering with it today I figured what was wrong, the key on the crankshaft was missing and the starter hub was spinning on the crankshaft, now my next Quest is to find a key that small.
Welcome to the club BrzBilly, This is a great site isn't it. I have gotten more information in 1 day than I've been able to find in a week . It's nice to have a site all us pocket bike nuts can exchange information.
I had my scooter 3 months before I knew the engine was turning backwards, and the 5 to 1 reduction trans changes the power direction inside to turn the rear wheel forward. On some bikes the carb is in back and exh facing forward, and a 3 to 1 reduction chain driven box is on the left side and the chain is on the left side.
Here are some other combinations.


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Nice stuff you got there , I know who I am going to be asking for engine modifications.
Cam2 and Boosted306 and a bunch of others know more than I do. The first photo w/ the gray cover, is a Boosted306 Ported 49cc piston port cylinder, comes with a new set rings $60, I left the Cyld base gasket off and glued it down w/ Yamabond, that really raised the compression. If you have the money it's well worth it, my scooter wants to pop wheelies on take off unless you lean way forward. The Walbro WT-813 carb w/ modded boost manifold and Jet Pro exhaust didn't hurt either,lol.
I am definately going to have to try to sqeeze some more out out of this piston port , It tops out at 35mph but the engine sounds like it wants more but something is holding it back.
Yeah ,,,Theres alot holding it back............LOL....It can be modded to scream harder than its ever screamed before...........

you need to lose the e-start,,

lighten the flywheel drag by clipping the fgins roughly 1/2",,

add a rocket key,,

mod and lighten the clutch,,

add a homemade boost bottle,,

remove the head

clean up the piston

port the exhaust port 1/8" wider on each side and raise the exhaust port in the center 1/8 and taper it down to the sides......

port the intake port wider 1/8" each side

index the piston on the exhaust side

chamfer around the ports good to prevent ring grab....reassemble head without headgasket to bump-up compression

get a better flowing exhaust or mod the stock exhaust

get a good NGK racing sparkplug...BPMR7A..ga[pped to .030"

get a walbro hp carb wt813

Mod the stock intake for the boost bottle,,port matching and also to be able to use the WT813 hp carb......

Get a velocity stack with built-in choke

Get a foam style hp airfilter...........

Get a front sprocket thats 1 tooth larger

Get a rear sprocket thats 5-8 teeth smaller
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Yeah, Cam2 will tell you, the timing and ports are set up for the lawn blower it use to run, and they run at one speed, so if you want more power you have do some mods, but most of it you can do yuorself,lol.
Nice , thanks alot guys, We shall start the modding , will keep you informed ..LOL
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