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Hi All. Long time lurker but finally registered. I have taken so much info from here since I began reading it's crazy.

I'm Eric in SW Ontario. Have 2 new Giovanni F2/M3 bikes in transit from BC currently (one for the GF). Found a decent little cag on KIJIJI in London this week so I grabbed it for $75.

After I poured out the syrup that was supposed to be fuel from the float bowl, I cleaned out the carb and it runs. Added a fresh plug and fought like crazy with a chain that refused to stay on. I had to align the rear axle AND the engine in it's mounts before it even begins to hold the chain in place without jumping off.

There's alot of mesh noise from the front sprocket so I suspect its nearly worn out- probably due to the chain being piano-wire tight when I received it. The drum bearing is raspy- but I'll wrestle it apart once I have a pinion to install. Not sure how bad the chain bind really is as I have nothing to compare it to :)

Broke a brake cable immediately, but found that CTC bike cable does engage the lever, so made it work out ok. Need to shorten it due to binding.

I need to get this thing out and run down a long stretch as it seems still loaded up with fuel. The exhaust is just dripping oil, so I suspect the previous owner did not understand 2 cycle mixture very well. Will see how that clears out. It does lean out a bit after WOT (wheel off ground) but I haven't yet found out if this is when it has burned up the "goo" or is actually running the bowl dry due to line restrictions etc.

I was a class A automotive tech for 10 years before leaving the trade, so most of the basics are fairly simple to me (apart from chain alignment etc) The hardest part is adjusting to the poor build quality overall when being used to working with equipment designed for long-term service. I am treating it as a personal challenge to take this stuff and make it sing :)

Also FYI- I'm 33 at about 190 so these are a neat challenge indeed- repair, and soon riding. I'm a chronic hobbyist with way too many projects on the go- but this one is something I've wanted to try for several years.

Thanks for sharing all your info- the forums are a great help to those new to these little bikes.

Heres some shots of the cag I grabbed before the new ones arrive.



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Welcome to the site finally...Good luck with your bikes.....

Heres the way your chain and sprockets should mesh when everything is good,,aligned straight and lubed well too...............

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WOW Thanks! That's exactly what I was shooting for- but unfortunately, no matter how I align it, it still binds with a bit more resistance than that. Fairly sure the front is the issue as the mesh doesn't seem smooth at all.

I'll see if I can get a new sprocket. I didn't have luck getting it off today to change the bearing, but I was pretty gentle with it due to no replacement :) It isn't tack-welded, has a nut with a butt-load of loctite on the threads (had the nut off at least).

Will play more as parts arrive. Thanks again for helping me out!


Welcome aboard, alot work to get these bikes in shape, 80% work 20% Play,lol. Even on a new bike have to go over everything, in China they slap these things together, you have to make it right,lol, are we having fun yet.
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