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Hey everyone,
I just acquired a partial X12 super pocket bike. Basically I'm in need of motor, tranny, carb, chain, sprockets, exhaust.

Originally I thought it wouldn't be too much of an investment to get it running, but from what I've found parts are a bit more pricey than what I thought.

I would like to stay with a 90-125cc sized motor. Is it possible to get this project going on a budget?
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So, I'm guessing it had a 50cc to 110cc 4 stroke before?? You can get a 125cc pit bike engine, kick start, for around $300+ dollars shipped, seen 110cc on eBay for $237 and $49 shipping. Most come w/ a carb and front gear, #520 chain & gears. Welcome aboard. I have a stock 110cc, X18 exhaust almost new in a box, I modded slightly. Would cost alot to ship it, $20 or $30 dollars. I put a $69 X12 HP side pipe on it. Pocketbikeparts in Florida, $100 gets you free shipping, you could get gears, chain, and all that stuff. They have a phone to get the right parts and they have an X12 Icon on the Main Page, scrool down click it on and all the stuff you need in one place.
Forgot about the pipe,lol. It's light and Loud.


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Thanks, sending a PM:thumbsup:
Ok I can't PM you, let me know how much you want out of your motor shipped to TN 37341.
Sorry, I forgot to put exhaust after X18, don't have an engine, you can have the exhaust, you pay for shipping.
Gottcha, I won't mind paying shipping...I'm assuming that the exhaust header will fit most 110cc+ motors, right?
I'm pretty sure it will fit 50 to 110cc, and maybe 125cc. The piece that hits the head is a thick barrel that fits up in the recess.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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