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New to the planet. Need some x22 help

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Hi all, ive just recently aquired an X22 Super Pocket Bike that i know will run as soon as i can get a new carb for it. The one i have now leaks gas from the bowl in the carb where the float is and such because there isnt a proper gasket keeping it all in. I was wondering if you all had any ideas where to get another one. It is a 110cc pocket bike, and I also wondered if anyone knew of a place to order the headlights and little plastic piece between the headlights on the X22. Mine were not there when I bought them, and this is the first pocket bike I have ever owned. All your feedbacks are welcome! Thanks for taking the time to look!
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Around here some call that bike a deathtrap......Id get a floatbowl gasket put it in get it running and tuned then clean it up and sell it for a profit then take the cash and look for an x15/18 or 19.............

As far as finding parts for it...Check with sdscooters[hugh]...he may be able to help you.............Welcome to the forum and good luck with your bike......
Why do you all call it a deathtrap? Whats so bad about it?
Also I forgot to ask, but are there any other (X) body fairings that can be swapped to put on the X22...for example taking X18 fairings and putting them on in place of the original ones? I cant find the 22 headlights anywhere, so im thinkin that I may just get different fairings where I will be able to get parts easier.
There's going to be less & less parts as time goes on, you get something close and make it fit.
Why do you all call it a deathtrap? Whats so bad about it?
Whats not bad about it...It has too extreme a steering neck rake,,lack of hp parts,,the frame is modular and the nutserts that hold the footpeg bracket mount steel breaks off easily,,the front caliper is fragile and will crack in half if ya gotta do any emergency stopping,,the rims can break easily,,the suspension at speeds sux,,its harder to make the bike full manual and still keep the rear brake and no matter how much time and money you put into it it wont handle as good as a X15,X18 or X19.............
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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