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Hey Guys,

I've been lurking on this forum for a while and reading about all of your bikes and the stories that go with them. I have always had the idea of buying a pocket bike in the back of my head, but now I'm getting serious about buying one, but I don't know what or where to buy! :confused:


A little info:
I'm 17
I'm 6 feet tall
I've got a $1,000 budget total right now (that includes the bike, and the upgrades), but I will be able to slowly spend more on said bike if I get into it.

I live in Texas, and both sides of my family own a large amount of land (2,000 acre cattle ranch on my dad's side and 45 acre ranch on my mom's side), so I am also considering buying a dirt bike, but not full sized. I think i would more than likely buy a large pit bike.

What do you guys think I should get?

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Welcome aboard, I think you need a super pocket size dirt bike or 125cc 4 wheel ATV, with all that land. Small pocketbikes need smooth pavment. I have both a 110cc 4 stroke 4 speed manual Honda clone bike, its about 64" long, my pocket bike is 40" long. My 4 wheel ATV 125cc Honda clone, auto trans w/ reverse, has racks and lights and looks like Spiderman.
A lot of online stores have both, the dirt bike was $599 and the ATV was $549, plus $200 S/H. Online in Texas there is usapocketbikes and killermotorsports, put a www. and .com on the end and look same for Minipocketrockets, in L.A. CA. Think I got mine from Powersportsmax, Happy Hunting.


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