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newbie need to identify bike son got

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anyone know what this is he said its a cateye but not to sure
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Yep, looks like a Cateye, which is real similar to and X1 or X2. Looks like a 49cc Zenoah/Mitsu piston port engine, it has a 15mm Walbro WYK copy carb. Have that engine on my scooter. Your missing some body work.
thanks epr and yea its missin some body work but we got it runnin real goot and even got the electric start workin...didnt even knoe it was there til we took off the body. the battery was shot but i had a battery and charger from an old black and decker leaf blower that fit. me and my son had a blast with it this weekend and i think i need to go by one
Yeah, that's how it goes. I got an electric bike for one of my sons, and then a Cag gas bike, which he didn't like. I got hooked and now I have 10 bikes, w/ my 125cc ATV. The starter motor is also a generator when it's running and charges the battery. There is a voltage regulator somewhere in the wiring.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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