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Newbie.... Pull start broke! new bike! ugh

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First off i want to start off by say hello, im new to the site and to pocket bikes. I'm not new to motorcycle as i drag race them... BUT!!

I have just purchased brand new Grand Prix Mx3 from USA PocketBike.com, for my daughter (she sees me drag race and wants to do the same).. well i went to start it and it took a few pulls (to be expected) and it started. she rode it for abt 15 minutes and then shut off. ther was a thunderstorm coming.. lol..

So today i go out there to start it and wha la....

Problem #1.... The pull cord will not retract!!! ***!! its brand NEW....

Problem #2... Its leaking gas from up top somewhere, possibly the fuel line... but i can't tell yet.

Problem #3.... it doesn't have an idle screw!! WTH...

Now since this is my first time owning one of these, im not completely sure if this is common. (my bikes i turn the key and boom it starts...lol).. but i know it should come with a idle screw shouldn't it... not some glob of glue... or is this common.. also a leaky gas tank? i mean it ain't like i can just take it back to suzuki and say ***.. this place is in Cali...

So my question are...

Is this common among these bike?

I'm not tryin to supe it up .. i just want her to beable to learn how to ride for the few weeks i have her here... please is this something i can fix... just so i can get her back to riding..

Thank you for all ur help now and as it seems in the future..!
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This junk is made in China, so they break alot. I would take the 3 bolts out of the starter cover and pull it off. USA should replace that part for free, or contact Visa, and file a claim.
The idle screw probably vibrated its self out. Have to go over the whole bike and check everything. Blue thread sealer and lockwashers work go too. A good hardware store will have have small metric screws, think a 3mm that threads into the side of the carb will work if you grind a cone on the end so it can lift the piston as you turn it in.
Welcome to Chinese Pocket bike fun at its finest.. Yup, its common.. The reason the are so cheap is they are made cheap as possible and Chinese Children put them together. First I've heard of the Glue in the idle screw hole but I bet you that its not un common at all.. lol Looks like you need to call them and ask for a new carb.. Or get one off E-bay... Idle screws help..

The Pull Starts are as cheap as they get... A alumunum replacement might last a little longer.. Un screw it and see if winds/unwinds and the Prawl pops out when you pull the cord.. If not time to mess with it.. Un screw it and see what happens... lol

Leaking gas is common also.. I dont think they test run any of the engines and by no means do I think they pressure test the tanks... Time to find the leak, clean, sand, prep and plastic weld epoxy the area..
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lol... so now i see the difference between chinese (this lil craps) and Japanese (my big crap).....

Ok so i had already pulled the pulley off and then it went back in... tried cranking it and it did the same crap.. took out the screw and the spring undone.. put ti back together and the **** thing did it again... SOOO im gonna have to order one off ebay now? ****...

As far as the screw i knew i was going to have to do that.. you say its a 3mm screw?
oh and how do i know which pull starter to purchase?
Hmm maybe its too tight?? When its off and you pull the Cord does the prawl pop out easy and retrack when the rope retracts? If so try some lock tight and not tightening the bolts so much.. Or maybe a few washers for a little space.. I have like 10 shells of pull starts and have only owned like 6 Chinese Cags... lol And they all left with pull starts... Order an Aluminum one...
when i pulled it off... and tightened the spring back thru and put the cord back on it wound back up but once it comes back out it won't automatically retract.... wth.... so imma order one tomorrow.. in the mean time u think pluggin up a drill with the bit on it will turn it over?
thats what happened when i got my first china scooter. but when i got the pocket bike running this year my friend and i beat the pullstart by pulling without the key on and it still works
That ebay starter cover is the one you want. Take the carb to the store and find a metric screw that will thread into the carb, buy it and mod it. They sell small springs at the store also.
I think he mentioned there was a Glob of Glue in the Idle screw hole... lol.. Yay for China! If the hole is not plugged you can try a scooter store. They should have an idle screw for it...
Keep all the parts of the old starter, pully, spring etc. The inner parts of the alum cover are the same. Do you have a plastic or metal claw that turns the flywheel?? My modded engines eat rope for lunch, my local hardware, auto repair shop has chain saw rope, 50 cents a foot. There are different sizes so take your old rope along. On the idle screw a chain saw shop might be able to help you out also.
On my Boosted306 swirl bored 12mm to 17 by 14mm Cag piston carb, the idle screw is all the way out, no touching the piston, but it sucks juts alittle air by both side of the piston, so it has a high idle on its own. It's swirl taper bored at the front and 14mm or 9/16" in the back. I took a stock and went near 15mm thru, so much air was going by the side of the piston it did not work right, so I took it apart and JB Welded 2 small humps just behind the piston to block some of the flow. Also made a billet aum scooter manifold into a boost manifold between the carb and intake manifold.


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ok well i ordered the alum one from cali... it should be here next week... and where do you all purchase your performance stuff from?
We get parts all over the place, Ebay, online stores etc. I PMed you some addresses.
i got the message .. thank you!.... sooo i got the pulley in yesterday installed it today... crank the SOB up and it **** near went up the wall ...lol... so i think the throttle stuck.. so here i go again.. going thru this darn thing... OHHHHH and i got the throttle screw... it was under the glob of glue....lol...
Did you take the piston out of the carb?? You can put it in backwards and the piston will be too high and when you start it it will take off, happen to me before, I was hold the bike in the air trying to get to the kill switch on the bars,lol. Check your throttle cable to see if it's to tight also.
ok i got the new pulley on.. Can definetly feel the difference.

BUT now i got it running and the kids got to go saround the block 2... it shut off... so when i go to crank it now i have to have the throttle turned a lil bit.. and as soon as i let the throttle go it shuts off. going today and look to see abt the cable.. :mad:
Have you tried to set the idle screw w/ the spring on the side of the carb.
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