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Just got a GS-59 from craigslist for really cheap.

Wasnt running so we changed plugs, gas, oil, and cleaned carb and she fired right up.

Quick question I know that this version is the fully automatic one. It is very similar to the x18 which is manual. Can I convert mine to a manual or am i just SOL?

Still new to the pocket bike game but willing to learn. I had a 50cc one and modified it pretty good. I have a 2008 honda ruckus and 1979 puch maxi.

Thats my intro
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Welcome to the site........GS-59 is an X22.....Youre stuck as full auto unless you retrofit in a full manual engine and relocated the rearbrakehandle to footbrake...........Good luck
Dang... My buddy that had a manual version might still have his motor. He totalled the chassis/ snapped it in half. Might be able to make his fit in it.

Bike runs good. I hit just about 50mph. Fast enough for me but it would sick if I had a manual version.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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