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Hello everyone,
I have a water cooled POLINI 911r.

I went to my local motorcycle shop and asked for their best 2-stroke oil.

The guy at the shop gave me MAXIMA CASTOR 927. He said it didn't get any better than that.

Is this a decent oil for my bike, or is there something better? I have read that mostly people use castor based oil for air cooled engines but would like some clarity.

Searching through the threads, it seems CAM2 may be recommending this oil, but I do not know if he is using it on any water-cooled engines.

Also, any transmission oil is of no need in my case since my bike has no gearbox, correct?


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I use Maxxim 927 in all my 2 strokers whether watercooled or aircooled...I also use Klotz synthetic and Golden Spectro synthetic....

the only real difference in 2 stroke oil to me is whether its premixable or oil injectable.......

you dont need transmission oil....the engine has a friction centrifugal dry clutch............
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