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One more into this! Looking for more info.

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I'm a totally newbie into pocket bikes. I recently acquire one, beat up one, and got hooked into it instantly. So I'm here trying to learn more about it. I live in the Houston area and I'm looking if there is any club here in Houston that I can join.

Also, I just learned that is totally illegal to run these types of bikes in the streets, regardless is a neighborhood street or not. So I'm looking into some feedback from you all on areas of where I can go to spend some gas and have some fun.

Last, anyone knows a good source to get some gear? I'm sure a helmet will cost more than the actual bike, but safety comes first. Also if you all can point me to gear for kids as well.

I'm sure all these questions has been asked before, but I have no clue of anything, but we all need to start at some point, right?

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Welcome to the forum

There are race organizations but they require a rigorous tech inspection

You can ride in an industrial area where you have permission to ride

LaCrosse protective gear like elbow and knee pads works great

Use the search function and peruse the threads for answers to your questions too.............Good luck and Happy riding..:thumbsup:
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