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Reaching out to fellow racers in getting the PB racing up and going again in the Northwest!!

Next race is at McMinville raceway on September 15. Support the sport and don't let it diminish!!

Here's the link: http://www.supermotojunkie.com/showthread.php?132172-Mac-night-race-Sat-Sep-15

Other scheduled races: http://www.supermotojunkie.com/showthread.php?123728-2012-Oregon-Superbikers-Schedule
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Hello, Need more info.. I did a search for "McMinville track" But nothing good really came up.. :( I did see that this track might be in Oregon but anymore info you could post might be helpful. I'm too far but would still like to know.. What are you racing? Will the bikes be pocket bikes, Mids or pit bikes, Kinda confused after following the links.. More than one class or just testing the waters???

Check this out: http://www.oregonsuperbikers.com/

There are tons of classes, there even open to making a class for any type of bike as long there is a sufficient amount of riders. I currently ride a DM and my son rides a Cag. Others ride 4.2's, superproddy. If you have a mid your more then welcome to ride with th scooter/moped guys.

We are basically just trying to get this up and going again, the participants are starting to decrease.
I cant beleive a place like that wouldnt refinish the pavement in the early months before the season starts or after the action has subsided and not have to interrupt the racing season schedule but to each their own..They would of gotten a better price on the laydown scheduling in the off season too............With the economy spiralling downhill youll continue to see a decrease in riders participating....The same has happened here..3/4 of my racing fun has been eliminated or massively downsized and no-ones interested in reviving any of it either because theyre trying to find jobs and get their homes out of trouble or they most just move away.........
Thanks for posting Sonny.. Hope you have fun at the race!! Ya, sad how slow it is at the MiniMoto scene.. I there were only about 12 legit racers at the last race I went to. But I am told it has picked up a bit.. I sure hope it doesn’t completely die out.. The Economy has to get better soon.... :rolleyes:
Thnx for the reply guys. I started racing PB's in 05' during the big PB craze, when there would be 25 bikes at the grid, there were even events they called "nationals!! From a cag to a super proddy to getting sponsored by "devilStable" and being pampered with three different bikes. I had a mechanic, and all I had to do was be there. And after quitting my sponsorship I found out how tough and costly it is to race. However, it's really all up to us if we want the community to grow again. Next year , my son (5yrs old) and i will be heading all over to support the scene. Hope to see you guys there!!
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