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It looks like a Cobra S4 or some version since it does not have independent suspension on the front end. But the top of the gas can broke off. I see several gas tanks online but none that look close to this one. Might any one have a place that sells this exact gas tank? Thanks

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I sent you a private message with places to look.
Thanks! I think I found the Metal version I will try.
meh not really worth it, just adds weight. I have a similar quad I'm working on right now, ditched the fairings made some aluminum fenders.


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The all aluminum pullstarter is a tad more weight but the strength it adds to pullstarting it is much-much better...

The aluminum pawl will outlast a stock plastic one all day...

A replacement stock plastic pullstarter housing costs $15 bux and dont last very long on modded engines...The All aluminum one costs $20 shipped and lasts 4 times as long as the stock plastic housing......

Theres also other benefits to the all-aluminum housing.........It becomes an extra bolt-on heatsink to help extra cool the engine and adds great looks...............:D
I am in the same boat where the gas tank for my Cobra S4 broke into pieces. The tank has the code (GS 704c) written on the side of it. Does anyone know where I can find this tank.

I have looked all over and at this point I dont care if it is metal or not. Thanks alot for the help.
I am looking for the same tank you were looking for. Did you ever find the tank for the Cobra S4? Thanks for your assistance
For the future for anyone looking for this plastic tank I found a company that sells the updated metal version for the Cobra S4. The tank fits under the fairings and here is the website. It says it is for the X15 but it has the same dimensions as the Cobra S4

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