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Place to buy x18 Pocket Bike?

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Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum and I was wondering if anyone knows of any reliable, good places to buy pocket bikes from? Specifically the x18. I looked on Mini Pocket Rockets, but I've heard very bad things about them and that they take people's money and don't send them what they ordered, plus it says the x18 wont be in stock until September 2013. Anyway, I've done at least a weeks worth of research and it seems the only place that has them in stock is pocketbikesunlimited.com. I just e-mailed them so no telling when I will get a reply. Is pocketbikesunlimited.com a good place to buy from? Also, are there any other sites that I may have missed that are good for buying this specific bike from?

Thank you very much! :D
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Yeah just search your area on craigslist. Gotta be patient. I just picked one up for 60$ yesterday. Needs mad work and is missing some plastics, but I still consider it a steal. I'll be redoing a lot of it.

Point is, buy one locally and fix it to your standards
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