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please help with starting my cagllari. ?

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hello fellow bikers my name is albert. im new here. well have been for a bout a month now.. i got this bike off a friend of mine that actually traded it online.. but never got it running. now its mine n it still doesnt run.. i mixed the gas n put it. i cleaned the spark plug. i dont know what else to do ? can u please helpp?;)
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You need to pull the plug and turn the engine over to see if your coil is working, if that is good, put alittle gas in the hole, put the plug back and try to start it. If it pops or starts for a second, pull the carb, intake and reed plate off and inspect and clean. Take the float bowl off the carb and clean the bowl and main jet.
when you pull the starter slowly can you feel compression? if you have a compression gauge it would help to run a test through the plug hole.
thanks i will do and get back to you.
i dont have a pull start :( so i have to try to turn it on with a drill.
just turn the flywheel with your fingers. clockwise. if you feel it turn and hear a good thump, then its probably fine. if it is easy to turn, you've got bad reeds or piston rings.

dont drillstart these motors, they dont like it much.
Here are some shops that can get you a pullstarter, and whatever other parts you will probably eventually need.

pocketbikeunlimited.com (expensive but good quality)
Ebay.com they almost have everything here for less, but beware of crappy quality items..
ok i turned it with my fingers and it was a bit hard. so im guessing thats good ?yea ive searched the cheapest ive found is 45. shud i just go for it ? plus im not even sure . if its really a cag i was just told. and if it is . is there diff sizes?
45 is pretty much regular going price for an aluminum pullstart. SDscooters has em, just email them and tell them you need a pullstart for a CAG motor.... Hugh will be glad to help you out.
^ I was too lazy to shop around, but luckily for you CAM is usually lurking around these forums.
Yeah, $40 is way to much!!!
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