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please help

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Seriously guys, you can't help me out? I posted over 2 weeks ago and nobody has replied.. I need to know what I've got. I would greatly appreciate any input.
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Sorry man, not too familiar with all the bike names.. There are sooo many!! You need post a few more pics of the engine and other angles on the frame.. To me it looks almost like an older blata 2.5 or imitation... But I guess almost all are imitations... lol If its not an OG Blata you got yourself some kind of CAG.. Post pics of the engine and you will get more replies..

Good luck my friend!
Looks like a copy bike, of a 2.5 Blata air cooled. Kind of looks like a Zenoah pull start. Does the carb have a bulb on the bottom?
yeah it does have a bulb on the bottom, also has an electric starter but the battery is dead. i can get more pics later today after work.
You have a 43 or 49cc Zenoah/Mitsu piston port copy China engine. Its has a 15mm copy Walbro WYK pumper carb. The electric starter is also a generator after the engine is running and charges your battery. The engine has a Mag coil and magnets in the flywheel. all you need is a pull start and a kill switch to make it run. You wont have lights or a battery like that.


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