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Hello - I found this website when I purchased this pocket bike as part of an estate a few months ago. I was thinking of getting it running and keeping it for kids (of any age). However, I have found I just don't have the time or knowledge to do it right. Apparently this was sold new by an auto parts store about 15 years ago? It's in good shape despite being a non-runner.

What I know:
  • it don't run...
  • There is a spark at the plug.
  • it was sitting long enough for the fuel in the tank/line to degrade.
  • it has 'run' for a few seconds with starter fluid (I know this isn't advised, but I wanted to check).
  • the previous owner has removed most electrical accessories (some are included, see photos).
  • The gauges as seen in photos are not permanently installed, just placed there for picture.
  • I have some headlights, not sure if they're original, but included.
  • the previous owner wasn't kind to the wiring when removing accessories.

This is a project, you're buying a non-runner, but would be a cool chopper when complete.

Asking $275 - Located in Charlotte, NC area, partial delivery could be arranged.

Thanks! - Ken



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They where sold at pep boys from 1999 to 2006.

It's considered a classic in the pocket bike world
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