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Problem With Chain?

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So I recently installed a new 15/28 sprocket setup with a new gold chain cut to size. I rode it about 10 miles and was fine. Then made it about another 5 miles and the chain came off. It was still on but it was off of the rear sprocket teeth. I put the chain on and pushed the bike back and it went ride back. I rode a little bit again and happened again. Fixed it and did it for a third time. I looked at the sprocket and saw a pretty loose screw. I tightened it and haven't riden it but I think that might have been the reason. I think the chain is tight enough because I pull on it and it hardly budges. Also I took off a master link and tried to make it a link shorter and was near impossible. Has this happened to you? Thanks!
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Is it the correst size chain for the sprockets? Does it still feel tight after rolling it back on or do you have to tighten the wheel nuts after it comes loose? My guess is the wrong chain if its tight an keeps poping. good luck!
Are there any axle spacers, and are you sure they are placed correctly? Also, a new chain will stretch a certain amount upon install, an will need to be retightened occasionally.... Hope that helps
The sprockets were meant for a 420 chain and it is a 420 chain. The axle spacers are correctly installed. Any ideas?
I use Loctite and multimetal epoxy to secure my aluminum sprockets to aluminum hubs...I also use the screw lockers...........

sounds like youre gonna have to tap the holes up to the next size get new hardware and may have to enlarge the holes in the sprocket...Good Luck
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