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Problems clutch and engine parts

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I read with interest and I attend your forum, and I see that even overseas minibikes are greatly appreciated.

I read that there are often problems with exhaust and clutch.
You all know that the best products for minibikes are Italian, but often small firms are not known in Italy and often is the best racing and more.

To give you an idea, we always recommend that you visit the site http://www.lrc-components.it/ that sells only the best and also http://www.2aracingteam.com/negozio/, in my opinion the best friction and exhaust on the market at discounted prices.

I could go on for hours, I hope to be state aid.

Congratulations on your great forum and sorry for my English :-(

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Welcome to the forum and Thanks for the great info.............:thumbsup:
Welcome to pbp my friend... Yes euro bikes are popular here for their build quality. I`ve seen those 2A clutches, but never tried them... I always stuck to the Bi-Zeta and Zocchi equivelents for my Euro... Thats a nice little custom pipe kit you got there... I was modding a Chinese jet pro yesterday for my mini quad with a MIG welder and could have used some of the pieces you have there.. It`s not quite finished yet, need to clean up some of my bad welds with a grinder.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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