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Question About Foot Pegs?

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So my footpegs vibrate REALLY bad when I ride and makes my feet very uncomfortable. I tried to fit a washer in there but the space is very small and I wonder how it can vibrate so much. How can I stop it from vibrating?
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You really can't you can get some small washers to snug the fit of he peg but it won't absorb all the vibration remember the peg or rear sets are mounted to the frame as is the motor so there is no getting around it unless you can find some that line up with the stock holes and or make some new holes to mount them
Motor mount bolts might be loose causing more vibration than usual.
Ahh true forgot about that also did you drill the frame and motor mounts to 3/8 and Use good bolts for the mounts that's a cheap fairly easy mod to do
Well I just found a solution! I didn't want to take off the brake and shifter just to get to the screws so I took a washer, cut off about a quarter of it, and hammered it into the spacing. Works like a charm!
Great but if the problem really is loose motor mounts bolts. Then you can end up with some big problems. Like stretched out mount holes possibly crack or broken bolt holes on the motor crankcase.. If this is the case then your looking at $$$$ for fix. Better check those bolts...
agree, that is where all the vibration comes from
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