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Quieter exhaust?

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I'm not into the loud exhaust. Is there an aftermarket muffler for any of these superbikes that has a low softer tone? I want it to sound tough but not monsterous. I own an X-18 and the sound it makes stock is annoying to me more than anything. I just want a deeper softer sound.
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I used two $40 cans that seems like you can buy them anywhere lol I think it sounds real nice take a look at my photos to see what it looks like it's a real deep sound not ricy like a big bike but a deep rumble sound I'll c if I can find a link to one or some
Those are *******G nice. Your description of the sound sounds like they are what I want. Where did you get'em?
I Think it was pccmotor.com look there and also copy there listing name and look for it on eBay to save on shipping
Ya I forgot to link those for you those will sound the same like mine I wish you had those when i was looking my exhaust would have cost half as much and the mounts up top will make it much easier to hang them as well
Thanks so much for the info. I believe I'm going to check them out and order one.
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