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R6 Brake Light?

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So I don't know if this has been covered but my search on this forum never works so here you go: I have an X18 and my tail light for the x18 broke. So I wanted a Yamaha R6 tail light, the one that locoboof used for his bike. Now I know that the stock tail light wires are= Blue: Left Turn Signal/ Brown: Right Turn Signal/ Green= Ground. I don't know the tail light and brake light because the bulb came off the wires but the other wires I have green with a yellow stripe and white. Now my questions are as follows: What are the wires for the brake light and tail light on the STOCK tail light? And what wires from the Yamaha R6 tail light go to what wires from the stock tail light? I know this is a bunch of information but any reply is appreciated! Thanks!
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well you can find this out with a test light for the wiring on the stock bike and also for the new light you can use a battery and wires to test what they do other than that go to a Yamaha dealer and ask for a diagrams
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