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Razor mx500 (mildly modded)
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Hey everyone, great news! Have you ever researched those speed controller bridge mods on the razor e200/e300 scooters? The ones where you open up the stock speed controller and solder in a jumper wire or piece of metal to the board and it bypasses the speed limiter on the scooter? Well guess what... the same can be done to the razor mx line!

This mod can be done for free using stuff lying around the house and works great! It allows you to unlock the true potential of the stock speed controller without compromising reliability. The mod takes less than an hour and can be done using simple hand tools, here's a walk through!

First be sure power is turned off.

Next you'll need to access your speed controller (silver and black box by the batteries with all the wires coming out) and remove the 2 Allen head screws holding it in place.

Once you've done this, remove the 4 Phillips head screws holding the silver part of the speed controller to the black plastic case and use a flat head screw driver to separate the two.

Once you've separated the speed controller look at the bottom of the green motherboard. Towards the middle of the board youll see 2 areas soldered heavily that are roughly 1cm apart and are the largest areas of solder on the board... can't miss them.

What you want to do is take a paper clip, codder pin, wire segment or really ANYTHING metal and cut it so it spans between the gap of those two huge areas of solder on the board. Be sure it's cut to length and that it will NOT contact anything but these two points on the board!

Once your metal piece is cut to size you have a few options to fuse it to the two solder points... soldering it is recommended however if that's not possible you can use jb weld, hot glue, gorilla glue, super glue gel or similar... fast dry time preferred. With the board flat, lay your metal piece across both globs of solder on the board and hold in place. Apply adhesive over each end so it secures your piece of metal to the globs of solder and let the adhesive set enough where you can stop holding the metal piece in place.

Once your glue (or solder if you did) has cooled/set, reassemble your speed controller housing, fasten the speed controller to its mount and power on the unit. If done correctly there should be no change in anything until you twist the throttle. Torque and top speed should have increased noticeably as you've now successfully created another pathway allowing your speed controller to supply more power to your motor!

I've done this with my razor mx500, which prior to this only had an 18ah battery upgrade and had great results! Please feel free to follow my lead and spread the word as this seems to be the only post right now on modifying the razor mx500/mx650 speed controller anywhere (I searched for weeks with zero hits) and I'd love the word to get out!

Hope this helps, stay safe and ride hard!
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