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Restart of Twin Engine Cag Drag Bike in GP MX3 Frame

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All of you that have been here for awhile have seen the project change and change. So, I gave up and bought a new frame from MPR. The last few days been measuring the frame and the steel tubing I have. I put the X7 Gas Shock front forks, and the X7 wide rear tire & rim. The rear wheel is just for looks cause its moving back 24". Total bike length now will be 60.5". Cutting the rear arms off 6" back from the upright frame tube and saving them, for some other project. Then the sides of the arms left will be flattened to .620 OD on the sides and the 3/4" x 1 1/2" rectangle tubing will slide over them and be welded in place, w/ 2 braces on each side running fron the rear arms up to the rear of the upper frame. Need a 4" by 4.5" by .187" ( 3/16" ) plate for the second engine mount. That's where it stands right now.


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Looks like a pretty good start....That GP MX3 frame looks like my old 5 port cag. frame...............Keep up the good work..:thumbsup:

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I like the frame cause it has alot of bracing around the neck. Going to add a plate on the bottom of the sheetmetal neck braces. It came with neck bearings and a rear fender. It was $76.06 to my door with CA. Tax, if they if A1s were still $169 I would have bought a the whole bike. All ready found a bunch of places to run cross tubing to box in the frame. Need to cut the frame, add the rear arms, and get a placement of the rear motor plate, and see how the engines sit in the frame, so I don't do something stupid,lol.
Crap, school starts Monday for the kids, that is going to put a cramp in my style,lol.
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