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Project Cagllari Review
By: Snowboardgeek1 (Eric)

First off, many thanks go out to Revunlimited, who provided the full fairing (ff) Cagllari and all the performance parts for the Project Cagllari review. Their quality of products and unparalleled customer service is amazing. They are definitely a company that should be commended and supported throughout the pocketbike community, as well as Pocketbike Planet.

Check out Revunlimited’s website at www.revunlimited.com (510-893-9313, ask for Steven), www.pocketracing.net, and www.krewz.com (626-675-3538, ask for Nick). They have two locations to serve customers, San Francisco bay area, and Los Angeles, as well as the ability to ship anywhere in the U.S.


The ff Cagllari that Revunlimited provided is quite different than the other ff cagllari’s that I have seen and tested. The frame on this ff cagllari is thicker, stronger, and the best thing I have noticed are the engine mounts. There are now 5 lower engine mounts as opposed to the standard 3 found on most ff cagllari’s, as well as an extra plate underneath that makes the frame even sturdier than ever before. The top engine mount is nice as well, and the welds on the bike are a lot better than even my own ff cagllari.

Everything from the brakes, frame, paint on the fairings, bolts, etc. is a noticeable improvement from other ff cagllari’s that I have seen. It is definitely a great pocketbike to purchase.

Picture 1, 2, 3, & 6

The Revunlimited Cagllari Exhaust/Pipe’s build quality, welds, and finish, is unbelievable. They offer two types of finishes on their pipes, black chrome and chrome. The pipe has the cleanest welds I have seen, even in comparison to a polini exhaust or the famed IP2 pipe. Performance is not too bad. Acceleration is definitely faster, and the pipe gains an extra 3-400 RPMs up top versus the stock pipe. This was measured using a GPT Tachometer, with the only other mod done to the bike was removing the air filter and using a stainless steel mesh on the carburetor (The stock black plastic filter housing will not be useable with the Revunlimited exhaust).

Another great thing that Revunlimited is offering, is a lifetime warranty on ALL exhausts that they sell. Impressive.


In my opinion, this exhaust is a great replacement for the stock exhaust. This pipe is for people whose stock exhaust has broken into pieces (and it will do so eventually) and need a replacement. This exhaust will last the life of the cagllari easily. So if you’re in need of a replacement exhaust, and not looking to replace your stock exhaust with another stock pipe, and you’re looking to gain some modest performance at a cheap price, go with the Revunlimited exhaust. You will not be disappointed.


Installation of the Revunlimited Cagllari Exhaust is fairly easy and straightforward. You’ll need a few tools available before attempting the installation. The tools you’ll need is listed below. All of the tools you should have from the tool kit that was given to you, with your bike. If you haven’t figured it out by now, the free tools aren’t that great, so I would suggest investing on a few good sets of tools.

1. Allen head wrenches
2. 8mm open end wrench
3. Phillips screwdriver (stubby)

First thing I like to do is take off the front fairings (you probably don’t need to do this if you have a HF cagllari). This is done by taking off the two side allen bolts that hold the fairings to the frame. One screw needs to be taken off on each side, and one that holds the front nose to the steel bar (some FF cagllaris do not need this, and can just be popped off).

Picture 8

I had to take off the stock airfilter box because it will hit the exhaust if used. This might not hold true for all cagllari’s. There are a lot of companies that produce cagllari’s and not each one is built the same. Some may be able to use their stock airfilter box, some will not. The stock airbox is held in place with two Phillips screws.

Next, take off the two bolts that hold down the exhaust header to the head. Save the bolts, as you will be using them later.


There’s one more bolt that holds the rear of the stock exhaust to the frame. An allen head screw and 8mm wrench is needed to take this off.


Now that the stock exhaust is off, remove the exhaust through the front.


Here are all the parts that come with the Revunlimited exhaust.
Attach the metal flange to the exhaust by using the spring. The spring attaches to the clips on the exhaust header and flange.

Picture12, 13

There are two ways to install the pipe onto the cagllari. One way is to slide up the silencer and expansion chamber, up through the rear tire and carburetor space. Another way, as shown, is to slide the header through the rear tire and carburetor, and maneuver it to fit on the head.

Picture14, 15

Use your existing header bolts and attach your new Revunlimited exhaust to the head.


Use either your stock rear bolt to bolt up the rear of the Revunlimited exhaust to the frame, or use the hardware that accompanies the Revunlimited exhaust.

Picture17, 18

As for your carburetor, if you need protection against rocks, either purchase the Revunlimited filter and velocity stack, or make your own aluminum screening over the carburetor.

Install your fairings, make sure there’s gas in your tank, and start her up. Enjoy!

Picture 19,20, 21, 22, 23, 24

Typical gains are 3-400 RPMs up top, and better acceleration throughout the powerband.

PBP and Revunlimited will not be responsible for any damages to yourself or your pocketbike resulting from these modifications. Perform these modifications at your own risk.


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