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School me

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Hey everyone, new guy here just getting interested in racing pocketbikes. I come from a motocross background and was getting back into dual sports after years but I am giving up. I lost the drive. So I'm watching Modern Marvels tonight and the pocket bike guys talked me into it.

So, if you would please, school me on racing bikes. I am looking to spend $1k or less, new or used. I don't know which are THE bikes to have, the ones most popular. Would like a quality bike, not Chinese unless it's actually one of the best ones. I see a lot of X-18 / 19 and Cag? I have no idea what I am looking at.

I live near Miami, FL and and also having a hard time finding a club or track. I currently have a KLR650 on my porch in pieces for sale or trade also if anyone is interested.

Anyways, thanks for looking and any and all feedback is appreciated including benefits to different bikes, 2 smoke vs 4 stroke, LC vs AC, etc.

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First of all you need to go out and find what is racing around you and see how competitive it is and if it were me id get into that class of course id say the midbikes x15-18-19 but if here not racing them what's the point they are the biggest and most powerful of the bunch
But that's the way I would go you don't want to buy a bike and have no one to race or get a bike with a motor too big for some classes or underpowered for others
Hope this helps start by finding tracks and calling around to see if they race them then go out and check it out to see if that's what you want to do
Or find 5-6 competitive friends and start your own class
Well since you have a back ground in Dirt bikes and you want a quality bike go with a bike that rips and tears up the track. That would be one of the euro bikes 40cc or 50cc water cooled bikes no dought you will want off the line power all the way to the top end. You can pick up a nice used bike for around that grand +/-. I have one a Polini 911R 50cc 5-port water cooled 2-stroke pulling 15hp That I would let go if your interested. This bike always ran in the front taking 1st or 2nd. It has so much power the front wheel lefts coming out of the corners. Thus I call it a 2 wheeled unicycle. It comes with a mycon tach with all the goodies transponder and receiver. It looks like my avatar bike but black with red. And will fill your need for speed and power

You should have no problem finding racing down there in fl lots of stuff happening down there in the south.
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